Teacher Guttman Scales and Teacher Views at an Australian Islamic College

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This chapter was originally published as: Edries, A. , & Waugh, R. F. (2010). Teacher Guttman Scales and Teacher Views at an Australian Islamic College. In Russell Waugh (Eds.). Specialized Rasch Measures Applied at the Forefront of Education (pp. 51-66). Hauppauge, New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Original book available here.


A co-educational Independent Australian Islamic College has three campuses which cater for migrant students from war-torn countries and others with culturally and linguistically, diverse backgrounds. This paper is part of a larger study to identify teacher views about the needs of students and the College. This study is important for the Islamic Colleges because it is hoped that the study will lead to improvements to the College and opportunities for Islamic students to have opportunities to achieve better in academic and non-academic areas. Three Guttman scales measured teacher perceptions (N=32) of: (1) Priority Activities Providing Links to the Western Culture; (2) General Types of Resources Needed; and (3) School Needs for Professional Areas. Teachers views were requested and they were analysed to produce eight propositions.