So What... I Am Still a Rock Star: Celebrity and Feminist Music Videos in the New Millennium

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Allmark, P. R. (2010). So What... I Am Still a Rock Star: Celebrity and Feminist Music Videos in the New Millennium. In Vicente Nardi (Eds.). Feminism and Women in Leadership (pp. 145-154 ). Hauppauge, New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Available here.


This chapter will look at feminist self-affirmation in mainstream popular music videos, and how the medium and its music has become the “most important cultural formfor expressing third wave feminist perspectives” (Drake, 2002, p. 187). Recent work, in the early 2000s, by female popstar video musicians, Pink and Britney Spears suggest the conflation of celebrity, stardom and feminist practices of assertion to be prevalent. The concern with subjectivity is a dominant aspect of female music videos, in which the telling of a story with strong hints of autobiography abounds. The compelling nature of female music videos is attributable to the personal insights offered by the performers. As such a neo-romanticism associated with the cult of the artist and celebrity stature is conveyed. Social commentaries of success and survival address a female audience. Furthermore, there is an aggressive defiance in which the lyrics and the music video textually enact a challenge of the male domain, in which independence both financially as well as sexually and emotionally is paramount.