Design Charts for Rock Slope Stability Against Plane Failure Under Seismic Loading Condition

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CBIP, New Delhi


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Shukla, S. K., & Hossain, M. (2010). Design charts for rock slope stability against plane failure under seismic loading condition. Proceedings of ISRM International Symposium and 6th Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium. New Delhi, India. CBIP, New Delhi. Available here.


Rock slope stability analysis has been a challenging problem for civil and mining engineers. There are several modes of failure in which a rock slope can fail; a plane failure is one of them. In recent past, a generalised expression has been presented for the factor of safety of the rock slope against plane failure. The expression considers several parameters that govern the stability of the slope. These parameters are: inclination of the slope face, inclination of the joint or discontinuity plane, unit weight of the sliding rock mass, shear strength parameters of joint materials, depth of tension crack, depth of water in tension crack, surcharge and seismic loadings, and the stabilizing force and its inclination. Though the analytical expression can be used to calculate the factor of safety, practising engineers generally prefer the use of design charts. An attempt is made in this paper to present design charts for several field situations using the generalised expression. A numerical example is illustrated to explain the calculation steps so that the developed design charts can be used conveniently.