Tunable Integrated-Optics Nanoscaled Devices Based On Magnetic Photonic Crystals

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This article was originally published as: Vasiliev, M., Belotelov, V.I., Alameh, K.E, Jeffery, R., Kotov, V.A. & Zvezdin, A.K., (2005).Tunable integrated-optics nanoscaled devices based on magnetic photonic crystals. Proceedings of Dans European Nano Systems Workshop - ENS 2005, Paris : France. Original article available here


Magnetooptical properties of magnetic photonic crystals have been investigated in the view of their possible applications for the modern integrated-optics devices. A "transfer matrices" formalism was expanded for the case of oblique light incidence on the periodic nanoscaled magnetic multilayered systems. Several new effects such as the Faraday effect dependence on the incidence angle and the tunability of the bandgap defect modes spectral location by external magnetic fields were found. Several possibilities of one-dimensional magnetic photonic crystals applications for the optical devices are discussed. Initial steps towards the practical implementation of the proposed devices are reported.

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