Building Confidence In The Living Renal Donor Process

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Journal Article


Clinical Nursing and Midwifery Research Centre




Article was originally published as : Williams, AM, Colefax, L. & O'Driscoll, C. (2010). Building Confidence in the Living Renal Donor Process [online], Transplant Journal of Australasia, 19(3). pp.6-9, 10-11. Original article available here


This paper describes the results from a research study which explored and described the experiences of living renal donors (LRDs) in Western Australia (WA). The grounded theory method was used and sources of data were primarily formal interviews with 18 persons who had donated a kidney. Four main categories were identified concerning the psychological status of the donor. Each of these categories related to building confidence for the donor in the donation process. The categories of confidence in themselves, the recipient, social networks and the healthcare system were indicated to be conditions which impacted on the satisfaction and wellbeing of the donor. The results of this study are discussed in relation to other studies on LRDs. Changes instigated at the primary study hospital following the project are also described.