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Conference Proceeding


Edith Cowan University

Place of Publication

Perth, Western Australia


Corrie, L.


Wild, M., & Corrie, L. (Eds.) (1995) Wild beasts and other curiosities: West Australian research, issues and innovations in early childhood education. Perth, Australia: Edith Cowan University.


Editorial Is it true that young children need to play more, that perceptual-motor programs don't work, or that schools can learn lessons from child care? Do you know how to turn children into 'greenies', help them express the wild beast within, or use computers to develop vital skills? If you're unsure, outraged, confused or curious, then this book is for you! Practitioners and academics in early childhood have written these papers for the Edith Cowan Memorial Conference for Early Childhood in 1996. The chapters are diverse in style and topic, but are linked by the authors' deep interest in the education and welfare of children 0-8 in Western Australia. Some papers broach new and controversial topics, while others cast new light on old favourites. Many topics are complex, and few answers are clear-cut. Some chapters report current projects, and represent the growing number of practitioners who are refining their skills as researchers. Skimming down the contents pages, it is easy to see why the challenges of early childhood are increasing. Practitioners are expected to do a great deal, and to know a great deal, and the knowledge base keeps changing and expanding.