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Centre for the Development of Human Resources, Edith Cowan University

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Joondalup, Western Australia


Department of Psychology / Centre for the Development of Human Resources


Howieson, N. (1993). Satisfaction with life and satisfaction with community: Social research and development report No. 41. Joondalup, Australia: Centre for the Development of Human Resources, Edith Cowan University.


This report describes some investigations carried out by staff and students at Edith Cowan University over the four years from 1989-1992 in the Shire of Wanneroo following the 1987 proposal by the State Planning Commission to change the zoning of a large tract of land in Wanneroo from rural and semirural to urban. The research team first carried out a profiling exercise in the area involving over 800 residents and conducted interviews to ascertain resident wishes with regard to the zoning classification. This exercise identified those who stood to gain and those who stood to lose by the proposal and took baseline "satisfaction with life" data against which to measure the social impact of the change if implemented. A follow-up study was conducted in 1991/2 to see how residents felt now about the various zoning alternatives which had been presented over the three years and to measure the impact of the uncertainty hanging over the area on "satisfaction with life". A third study in 1992 took satisfaction measures from other areas of the metropolitan area and undertook psychometric analysis of the instrument using data from all three target groups.


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