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Claremont Teachers College

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Claremont, Western Australia


Claremont Teachers College


McKenzie, John, A. (1981). Twenty-five years: a history of Claremont Teachers College 1952 - 1977. Claremont, Australia: Claremont Teachers College.


This book had its beginning in our belief that it was appropriate in celebrating the seventy-fifth anniversary of Claremont Teachers College to record the significant contribution its staff and students have made to the development of Western Australia.

The idea of writing a sequel to Dr Mossenson's history of the first fifty years was endorsed by the College Council and I was given the task of finding a historian who would take on this work.

I found that person in John McKenzie, who had trained and lectured at the college. Mr McKenzie willingly agreed to bring together the strands of the story of the college from just after the end of the Second World War until the present day. It has not been a simple exercise, and the format used-linking the development of the state to the college's capacity to cope with pressures entailed in that development-has been most successful. All who know Claremont are most appreciative of the magnificent effort John McKenzie has made. I am sure his book will appeal not only to scholars and to those in the profession, but to the public at large...


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