Cam Rielly

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Graylands Teachers College

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Graylands, Australia


Graylands Teachers College


Rielly, C. (1979). The Graylands story. Graylands, Australia: Graylands Teachers College.


Gray lands is unique -there is no doubt about that.

Many past Graylanders would suggest that its uniqueness came from its buildings, but there were other teacher-education institutions in Australia which were compelled to operate in unsatisfactory conditions. Indeed, the physical surroundings for students and staff at Claremont had been, over the years since the war, little better than those at Graylands. Besides, toward the end of its life, through the efforts of the 4,000 students who passed through its corrugated-iron huts, the hundreds of lecturers, administrators and clerical officers who remained dedicated despite the totally inadequate accommodation, and the succession of hardworking gardeners, caretakers and cleaners, the college found itself in better shape than it had ever been. By that time it was air-conditioned; its grounds were a tribute to the efforts of all these people; it had equipment which in some areas was second to none in Australia. Probably the conditions had something to do with the individuality of Gray lands, but they do not entirely account for the elusive factor, whatever it was, that made exGraylanders so valued as additions to staff in any school in Western Australia.


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