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Institute for the Service Professions, Edith Cowan University

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Perth, Western Australia


Institute for the Service Professions


Institute for the Service Professions. (2005). 2005 survey report on the wellbeing of the professions: policing, nursing and teaching. Perth, Australia: Institute for the Service Professions, Edith Cowan University.


This report assesses the wellbeing of the professions of policing, nursing and teaching in Western Australia. The findings are derived from surveys of how individuals think about their occupations, their colleagues and employers. The level of wellbeing affects the ease of attracting and retaining staff and the quality of delivered services.

We present and discuss summary results of responses to questionnaires sent in 2005 to 5,180 police, 6,000 nurses and 9,000 teachers. Each of the professions is here regarded as a single group. The number of respondents is sufficient to allow many more detailed analyses to be performed and reported at a later date. A separate document will contain fuller details of the technical aspects of the research.