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The Institute of Applied Aboriginal Studies, Western Australian College of Advanced Education

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Mount Lawley, Western Australia


Harris, S., & McClay, D.


The Institute of Applied Aboriginal Studies


Christie, M., Harris, S., & McClay, D. (Eds.). (1987). Teaching Aboriginal Children: Milingimbi and Beyond. Mount Lawley, Australia: The Institute of Applied Aboriginal Studies, Western Australian College of Advanced Education.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that this document may contain references to people who have died.


The original intention of the contributors was to write a book about their experiences as teachers at Milingimbi in Arnhem Land. Initially, articles were obtained from only those people who had actually taught at Milingimbi. However, theory and practice have changed a great deal since the original articles were put together in 1978. Some of those articles became dated; others were repetitious; some were simply not good enough to be printed.

The collection of articles now presented were all written by people who have taught in Arnhem Land - hence the use of the Arnhem Land words yolngu (Aboriginal) and balanda (non-Aboriginal). Now included are more recently written articles (Chapters 4, 6, 9 and 11) which were added to give the book more theoretical depth. The other chapters remain largely as they were written. The contributors acknowledge just how much their understandings and practices have altered since 1978. Aboriginal Education and the politics of Aboriginal Education too have changed considerably. The articles do not necessarily take these changes into account. So, some of the articles may not hold up in their entirety. Nevertheless they are still of interest and will be of value to teachers and other educators who will be, or are, in similar situations.

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