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Mathematics, Science & Technology Education Centre, Edith Cowan University

Place of Publication

Perth, Western Australia


Sparrow, L., Kershaw, L., & Jones, K. (1994). Issues in primary mathematics education: calculators: research and curriculum implications. Perth, Australia: Mathematics, Science & Technology Education Centre, Edith Cowan University


Calculators: Research and curriculum implications is one of a series of monographs on issues in primary mathematics education. It has been written to support initiatives in the development of student-centred learning programs at Edith Cowan University - programs designed to accommodate current views on effective adult learning strategies, as wells as the development of professional and generic (key) competencies. Irrespective of the nature of individual learning programs, students and teachers working at undergraduate and postgraduate levels will find the series useful- either as a synthesis of currently available research findings and reference material, to identify potentially significant initiatives and developments in the area or as a classroom resource and guide.

The Contents and Introduction for this monograph have been designed for easy perusal, permitting rapid appraisal of its usefulness and relevance for a particular purpose. Although designed as a stand alone entity the monograph is part of a similarly titled self-contained module featuring videos/software/ print materials accommodating a wide range of teacher education programs. This independence has ensured a much wider appeal in a variety of teacher education applications.

While the content is not designed for direct utilisation as a classroom resource (these are listed separately), teachers would find the information, ideas, and examples presented, a valuable catalyst for both rationale and program construction.