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Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellery (Research)

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Perth, Western Australia


Still, L.V., & Timms, W. (1997). Challenging futures: the career and life decisions of managerial and professional women in their 50s. Perth, Australia: Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellery (Research), Edith Cowan University.


The Australian Institute of Management in Western Australia has for many years been very supportive of women in management, and in particular has encouraged the growth and development of our Women in Management Special Interest Group. The Institute has also played its small, but hopefully, significant role in helping to redress the gender imbalance in the management profession with the creation of its Excellence in Management Award for Women, which is now in its sixth year. This Award is significant in that it helps to clearly identify women who have excelled in their management career and it also provides some significant opportunities for role modelling.

The research that has been carried out by Professor Leonie Still on "Challenging Futures: The Career and Life Decisions of Managerial and Professional Women in their 50's" is a significant piece of research and the Institute is very happy to have played some small role in its initiation. Little research information exists on mature aged managerial and professional women and this research certainly identifies some issues that will no doubt be researched further...

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