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Mathematics, Science & Technology Education Centre, Edith Cowan University

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Perth, Western Australia


Mathematics, Science and Technology Education Centre


Sparrow, L., Kershaw, L., & Jones, K. (1994). Issues in primary mathematics education: Computers: Classroom practice and curriculum reform. Perth, Australia: Mathematics, Science & Technology Education Centre, Edith Cowan University.


The advent of an interactive multimedia approach in teaching and learning has opened up yet another horizon to be explored in search of the perceived potential of the computer in primary mathematics education. Benefits promoted have included its use as a motivational aid, the developing of content knowledge and problem solving skills of children of varying abilities, its capacity to support an integrated curriculum, and to assist children in controlling their own learning. Many have doubts about the veracity of these assertions and disagree about the types of appropriate uses of the computer. For classroom teachers, software and hardware availability, degree of professional support and implementation of curriculum recommendations are additional concerns. Perhaps we should not be looking at ways in which the computer as a learning aid should be accommodated within the mathematics curriculum but how it may change the nature of classroom environments and activate curriculum reform in mathematics education.