Rod Underwood

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Edith Cowan University

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Perth, Western Australia


Faculty of Health and Human Sciences


Centre for the Development of Human Resources


Underwood, R. (1988). Normalisation training project: an evaluation study. Perth, Australia: Edith Cowan University.


The Normalisation Training Project was funded by the Commonwealth Department of Community Services and Health for a period of twelve months during 1987. Under the auspices of the Centre for the Development of Human Resources of the Western Australian College of Advanced Education the Project provided eight training workshops for human service workers on the principles of Normalisation.

There were two types of workshops. A two-day programme was offered on "An Introduction to Normalisation (Social Role Valorisation)". These workshops were introductory and designed for people who had only limited exposure to the principles of Normalisation. Participants examined many of the key value questions that play a role in the quality of life of persons who are socially devalued. This involved exposure to Normalisation principles (or Social Role Valorisation Theory) and their potential contribution to improving the quality of personal and community life.

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