Leonie V. Still

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Edith Cowan University

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Churchlands, Western Australia


Still, L. (1996) Brave new world? Women and part-time employment: The impact on career prospects and employment relations. Churchlands, Australia: Edith Cowan University.


Part-time employment is a growing segment of the labour force, a trend that has been discernible in all OECD countries over the past thirty years (Thurman and Trah, 1990). According to Burgess, Gleisner and Rasmussen (1996,p95), part-time employment growth has been widespread across all sectors, occupations and demographic groups. Both Australia and New Zealand have recorded such a growth in the numbers of part-time workers and a growing part-time employment share, that nearly one quarter of the workforce in both countries is employed on a part-time basis. Among OECD countries Australia is one of the larger employers of part-time labour, but the average hours worked are lower than in other countries (OECD, 1994)...