Document Type

Conference Proceeding


Edith Cowan University

Place of Publication

Churchlands, Western Australia


Carroll, P. (Ed.). (1993). Women in leadership program 1993: National conference: Women's voices: Challenging for the future. Churchlands, Australia: Edith Cowan University.


The Women in Leadership Program is an exciting development initiative that, over a three year period, has had a visible effect on attitudes towards leadership and the role of women in organisations. As part of the program, through the generous funding support of the Commonwealth Staff Development Fund, the goodwill of staff and the commitment of women examining the leadership challenges facing Australian society today, Edith Cowan University has hosted a National Women in Leadership Conference for the past two years. This Conference provides an ongoing opportunity for women from varied and diverse roles to contribute to our knowledge and understanding of leadership. The theme of the 1993 Conference, Women's Voices: Challengingfor the Future, highlights the richness and strength of women in Australian society. Each contributor to this publication, in her different way, testifies to the power of women's voices and the substance of the leadership challenge. The papers have been reproduced in their entirety and, in the main, reflect the style of each individual author. We present them to you with pleasure.