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Mount Lawley College

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Mount Lawley, Western Australia


School of Teacher Education


Mount Lawley College. (1976). A review of the award of a Diploma of Teaching (UG2) and, A submission for the award of a Bachelor of Education (UG1). Mount Lawley, Australia: Mount Lawley College.


In view of the policy of the Connnission on Advanced Education not to support a fout' year preservice preparation for primary school teachers, this submission presents the proposed Bachelor of Education degree as a five year program comprising three phases:

(i) A three year full-time pre-service teacher education program leading to the award of Diploma of Teaching (UG2);

(ii) a minimum of one year successful in-field teaching experience;

(iii) a one year full-time or equivalent part-time program leading to the award of Bachelor of Education (UG1).