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Western Australian College of Advanced Education

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Mount Lawley, Western Australia


Grimoldby, P. & Hubble, D. (1982). Report on a seminar workshop on the General Education Certificate and Advanced Education Entry Certificate Courses. Mount Lawley, Australia: Western Australian College of Advanced Education.


The Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (ATEP) of Mount Lawley College has been responsible for the development of two correspondence courses for'adult Aborigines since 1978. Over the past four years the initial concept of a one year external study course bridging through to tertiary study courses for Aboriginal "aides" has broadened considerably, and encompasses two programs each of 4 units of study available to all post school Aboriginals.

In the first year of the course operation ATEP commissioned an initial feasibility research study and since that time no further studies of the program has been undertaken. The courses have changed dramatically from the initial units offered, as has the student population by its location, employment, educational backgrounds and aspirations...

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