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Western Australian College of Advanced Education

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Perth, Western Australia


Alumni Association. (1990) Claremont Teachers College Alumni Association : 10th anniversary, 1980-1990. Perth, Australia: Western Australian College of Advanced Education.


On the 9th June 1990, the Claremont Teachers College Alumni Association completed its first 10 years. From a fairly humble beginning the Association has continued to grow until it now has in excess of 250 members.

These first ten years have been most traumatic for the Claremont College. In 1982 the College lost its identity as a separate autonomous institution when it was amalgamated to become one of the campuses of the West Australian College of Advanced Education. In 1989 the campus closed its doors on its last teacher education graduates and ceased its role as a teacher education institution.

The Alumni Association itself has not escaped change and modification. In 1986. the W.A.C.A.E. set up a Central Alumni Association administration and the Claremont Teachers College Association was subsumed as a Chapter of the central body. It is perhaps a little ironic that the Graylands and Claremont Chapters of the Association which represent "deceased estates" are by far the most lively and "extant" Association groups today.

The purpose of this brief publication is to put on record some of the past activities, functions and achievements of the Claremont Alumni Association over the past 10 years and to give members the opportunity to express their memories of Association activities and college life.