J. W. L. Millar

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Western Australian College of Advanced Education

Place of Publication

Perth, Western Australia


Department of Computer Studies


Millar, J. (1989). An investigation into the use of Prolog for Chinese-English translation. Perth, Australia: Western Australian College of Advanced Education.


In order to undertake machine translation from Chinese to English, it is necessary to accomplish three tasks. Firstly, the Chinese characters need to be handled on the computer system in use - in this case an IBM PC/XT. Secondly, the grammar for the language has to be represented and here Prolog has been used with a Definite Clause Grammar. Finally, the lexicon must be stored in a manner that facilitates efficient retrieval. Arity Prolog provides a hash table that achieves this task. This report describes the current state of a project aimed at producing a Chinese English machine translation system.