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Claremont Teachers College

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Claremont, Western Australia


Youth Education Branch Education Department of Western Australia (1978). Camp organisation : a guide to youth education officers and teachers on camp organisation. Claremont, Australia: Claremont Teachers College.


The value of outdoor experiences for school students, through the use of the outdoors as an educational laboratory has long been recognised as a means of integrating and extending curricula.

The rapid urbanisation of society is depriving children and youth of many learning opportunities which would extend their total educational experience.

As educators, therefore, we have the responsibility to develop in our students, awareness and concern for the proper use and enjoyment of our natural resources.

Outdoor education, as an integral part of the school curriculum satisfies the fundamental need to experience and understand the forces of nature in a social and realistic setting.

This booklet has been compiled after consultation with many Youth Education Officers who have ran hundreds of camps for different purposes all over the state.

The programmes, menus, permission forms and "handouts" are reprinted here to give you other ideas. None is produced as "ideal" or "perfect" but rather as a basis on which you can design your own.

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