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Churchlands Teachers College

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Churchlands, Western Australia


Churchlands Teachers College. (1974). Broggies on the playground : some approaches to creative writing. Perth, Australia: Churchlands Teachers College.


This is the second booklet of children's writing - and some approaches to teaching it - to be produced by this College. Once again all the writing comes from children at the Churchlands Primary School and the lessons were taken by members of an elective group.

There are examples of work from grades four to seven.

The length of each teaching period was only half an hour so there was little opportunity for students to re-write and improve on their first efforts. However, that particular insight which seems to be the prerogative of children is evident to some extent in all the poems and passages chosen for publication. It is this honesty of observation and response that makes these works of special interest and value. Except for one lesson, there were only 6-10 children in each group, so it was pleasing to see how often worthwhile work was produced by such a small number. In printing these works, the original spelling has been maintained, unless the word was too difficult to recognize in its incorrect form. Minor changes in punctuation have also been made.

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