Gary Partington

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Western Australian College of Advanced Education

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Perth, Western Australia


International Institute for Policy and Administrative Studies


Partington, G. (1989). Children in the entertainment and advertising industries. Perth, Australia: Western Australian College of Advanced Education.


This survey of the employment of children in the entertainment and advertising industries has described the nature and process of employment of children in the following areas:

a) film dramas and documentaries

b) television commercials

c) radio commercials and dramas

d) print advertising

e) live theatre

f) modelling.

The survey was limited in its scope, and any conclusions based on it must be regarded as tentative until a more thorough investigation based on a larger, more representative sample is conducted. Even so, some companies appear to maintain high standards of conduct in relation to the employment of children, judging from the accounts they present. Others report less consistent care, and this is supported in some cases by reports from parents and others in the industry. Unfortunately, for those who appear to be exercising a high level of care, it was not always possible to obtain the views of parents and others, and consequently the conclusion reached, that they are performing very well, is uncorroborated. Further, more extensive research is necessary to confirm the findings of this survey.

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