Frank Wilson

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Churchlands College of Advanced Education

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Churchlands, Western Australia


Wilson, F. (1980). Employment status of 1978 graduates from Churchlands College of Advanced Education. Churchlands, Australia: Churchlands College of Advanced Education.


In 1979, Churchlands College graduates participated for the second time in the Graduate Career Council's graduate employment survey.

Detailed results of the 1979 survey have now been published and appear in the report: First Destinations of 1978 University and College Graduates as at April 30, 1979. Complementary copies of this report have been distributed to all Heads of Department.

In addition to the standard eleven item G.C.C.A. questionnaire, Churchlands graduates also received a supplementary set of questions. This collected additional employment information from graduates.

To be reported in this memo are:

1. The major G.C.C.A. findings of relevance to Churchlands; and

2. The results from the supplementary set of questions which accompanied the G.C.C.A. Survey.