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Mount Lawley College

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Mount Lawley, Western Australia


Intercultural Studies Centre


Hopkins, S., & Mykytiuk, R. (1990). Migrant experience workshop : resource folder. Mount Lawley, Australia: Mount Lawley College.


The Migration Experience Workshop was conducted in response to Recommendation i4 of the Galbally Report, namely that

"Professionals, including those studying and those currently in practices in areas with large migrant clienteles, should receive assistance in obtaining or upgrading language skills and understanding cultural differences".

The workshop focussed on the latter part of the Recommendation largely through an experiential approach based on simulated experiences, media presentations, and direct input from immigrant clientele as well as those professionally involved with them. The over whelming response from course participants made it abundantly clear that the process of migration and settlement experience is quite traumatic to say the least, and when dealing with immigrant clients, professionals often need to shed the various preconceptions which they have acquired through a lifetime of personal and professional experience. By contrast the follow-up session was almost entirely cognitive in orientation, at the conclusion - of which the Resource Folder, was presented to the participants.