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Mount Lawley Teachers College

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Mount Lawley, Western Australia


Mount Lawley Teachers College. (1975). Submission to the Partridge Committee of Inquiry into the Future Needs of Post-Secondary Education by Mount Lawley Teachers College, April 1975. Mount Lawley, Australia: Mount Lawley Teachers College.


In the short time available it has been impossible to prepare this submission in anything but general terms. However, the aim has been to comment on four major aspects of the development of tertiary institutions in this State:


1.1 restructuring of the bodies co-ordinating tertiary education

1.2 co-ordinated development of overlapping areas of technical, further and tertiary education

1.3 community college and open-learning operation of tertiary institutions for greater benefit of local communities

1.4 accountability of institutions of advanced education in terms of vocational supply and demand and community benefit proportional to public funds invested in such institutions.

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