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Mount Lawley College of Advanced Education

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Mount Lawley, Western Australia


Mount Lawley College of Advanced Education. (1975). The practicum: present and future : report on the National Conference on Teacher Education, Perth, Western Australia, 18-22 August 1975. Mount Lawley, Australia: Mount Lawley College of Advanced Education.


In Western Australia concern had been expressed among those involved in the professional preparation of teachers that there was a tendency to de-emphasize the practical components of courses in favour of the more theoretical academic disciplines.

There was a view expressed, perhaps rather parachially, that Western Australia, disadvantaged by distance for on-going communication between institutions, also appeared to be used very sparingly as a venue for conferences on education.

With this in mind College staff, early in 1974, decided to explore the possibility of mounting a national conference in Perth with the practicum of teacher education as its theme. A questionnaire sent to all institutions of teacher preparation in Australia expressing the concern felt in Western Australia and requesting opinion on the feasibility of the proposal, received an overwhelming positive response.

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