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Edith Cowan University

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Perth, Western Australia


Kinnear, A., Boyce, M., Sparrow, H., Middleton, S., & Cullity, M. (2008). Diversity: A longitudinal study of how student diversity relates to resilience and successful progression in a new generation university. Perth, Australia: Edith Cowan University.


This project used the voices of diverse cohorts of students to describe their learning journeys as they progressed through the later years of their degree and into the workforce. The project combined quantitative data from a large student sample with qualitative data from a series of case study narratives to document the students’ perceptions about their learning experiences, the factors underpinning progression in their studies and their transition into the workplace. The project has attempted to answer the question: does diversity matter? Do students of different diversities progress differently, and are there differences in the factors enhancing progression and developing resilience that can be linked directly to diversity? In this project, successful students are those who have completed first year and have progressed to their second or final year of their undergraduate degree.

The rationale for the study arose from:

• the need for institutional policies and practices to better reflect the increased student diversity they serve

• our lack of knowledge about how the behaviours and strategies that diverse students use translate into resilience and progression to graduation and into the workforce

• the importance of understanding the diverse ways those successful students navigate through their learning journey, often in the face of multiple responsibilities and commitments...

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