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Edith Cowan University

Place of Publication

Perth, Western Australia


School of Community and Language Studies / Centre for the Development of Human Resources


Taylor, D., Steele, R., Omelczuk, S., & Underwood, R. (1991). Career pathways of youth work graduates. Perth, Australia: Edith Cowan University.


A survey of the 49 youth work students who graduated from the Edith Cowan University in the years 1986 to 1988 was undertaken. Information was sought on the occupational destinations of graduates including the time taken to obtain a first appointment, impediments experienced' in attempting to gain a position, and perceived barriers to future career prospects. The study found that most graduates were able to obtain employment in the youth affairs field. However, it is clear that life is not easy for many youth workers for reasons such as low salaries, adverse working conditions, lack of professional status, and uncertain funding arrangements. In spite of the impact of these factors a majority of graduates have chosen to remain in youth affairs.