Ed Brumby (Ed.)

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Mount Lawley College of Advanced Education

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Mount Lawley, Western Australia


Vaszolyi, E.


Aboriginal Teacher Education Program


Brumby, E., & Vaszolyi, E. (1977). Language problems and Aboriginal education. Mount Lawley, Australia: Mount Lawley College of Advanced Education.


Effective communication must be an essential feature of any teaching/ .learning situation and it follows that considerable difficulties arise when teacher and learner speak different and mutually unintelligible languages or dialects. This, unfortunately, is the situation in which many, if not most, Aboriginal children and their teachers throughout Australia find themselves. This classroom situation reflects, of course, the difficulties and frustrations experienced on a wider scale by many Aboriginal parents and Aboriginal communities, and those outsiders who work with them. The problem is compounded further by the fact that few teachers or others who work in Aboriginal areas are given any training in linguistics and the few resources available to them are written in linguistic jargon which in itself represents yet another language.

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