Lelia Green

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Western Australian College of Advanced Education

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Doubleview, Western Australia


Green, L. (1988). Television and other frills : public demands of broadcast services in the satellite age. Doubleview, Australia: Western Australian College of Advanced Education.


This monograph is the culmination of two years research into public demands of broadcast services in Western Australia. Based on 1,145 completed questionnaires, the study centres upon people in seven communities drawn from the service areas of remote, regional and metropolitan broadcasters. It compares and contrasts the different expectations that these groups of have of broadcast media.

People living in isolation within the remote commercial television service area have one major broadcasting demand: a clear, reliable radio service. Shortwave broadcasts are notoriously susceptible to interference and, on some occasions, are effectively non-existent. Recommendations are made for the of direct radio broadcasting by satellite, the modification of the forthcoming Australia-wide two-way voice radio Mobilsat to give news and weather information, and the development of a battery-powered dish antenna for a homestead radio-only service....

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