Judith Dinham

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Edith Cowan University

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Perth, Western Australia


Dinham, J. (2006). Judith Dinham : an artistic journey. Perth, Australia: Edith Cowan University.


STUDENTS AND TEACHERS of secondary and tertiary visual arts studies will find this book of immense value. It is a unique resource in that it brings together, in a single work, a wide variety of primary texts focused on a single artist. To gather such a diverse range of material on any single artist would require months of research. The book serves multiple functions: it is at one level a history of a very fine artist, Judith Dinham, in another sense it is a history of a period of the development of a specific research trajectory. It maps the artist's attachment to certain places which stimulate new conceptions of space and its representation. It explores how this particular individual has given form and meaning to ideas and expressed her own experience of place, space and gender. Then again, it is not a history so much as a snapshot of an artist's world - her practice and its positioning within all that goes along with successful art practice - exhibitions, publicity, catalogues and reviews...