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Centre for the Development of Human Resources, Edith Cowan University

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Joondalup, Western Australia


Centre for the Development of Human Resources


Walker, M., Jackson, R., Maher, C. Willis, L., & Batani, P. (1994). Out of the ashes : an innovative service response following a hostel fire. Joondalup, Australia: Centre for the Development of Human Resources, Edith Cowan University.


When the Earlsferry Hostel, a home for twenty one people with an intellectually disability, was severely damaged by fire in 1989, the Authority for Intellectually Handicapped Persons (Alli) decided to provide alternative living arrangements which most ideally suited the needs and aspirations of the individual residents. This decision was in line with the Alli Home Environment Services Plan. This monograph describes the organisation of these living arrangements which included a transition program to independent living, living with supportive neighbours, shared housing rented from the State Housing Authority, Homeswest, and living in a coresidency situation. The monograph also looks at the assessment of client and staff outcomes and the costs of the project compared to running the Hostel. Finally, it discusses the issues which were crucial to the project's success and which would be of benefit to those undertaking a similar transition.