Online Learning Community for Teacher Professional Development (OLC4TPD): An innovative approach for supporting in-service teacher professional development

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Centre for Schooling and Learning Technologies




Sari,E.R., Lim, C., & Pagram, J.E. (2010). Online Learning Community for Teacher Professional Development (OLC4TPD): An Innovative Approach for Supporting In-service Teacher Professional Development. In the Proceedings of the Puslitjaknov Symposium 2010. Jakarta, Indonesia.


This paper describes how Online Learning Community (OLC) has been developed to address some common challenges of the current in-service teacher professional development practice in Indonesia. Some of the challenges discussed in this study include geographical, time and human resources constraints that often hinder the participation of the in-service teachers in the teacher professional development activities. This paper is a part of an on-going project that investigates how the OLCbased model of teacher professional development supports the co-construction of knowledge among in-service teachers in Indonesia. A number of teachers and teacher educators from different geographical locations in Indonesia have been involved in different stages of the project, i.e. the design, development and testing of the concept, which is so called OLC4TPD (Online Learning Community for Teacher Professional Development). OLC4TPD is an OLC-based model of the teacher professional development built on synchronous and asynchronous online learning platforms to conduct social learning activities focusing on school teaching and learning. As the research methodology, this study has applied Design-based Research as the formative methodology to iteratively examine the OLC platforms, learning activities, strategies and approaches. This paper reports the exploration and preliminary findings on the OLC implementation for the in-service teacher professional development activities in Indonesia.

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