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Edith Cowan University, School of Psychology


School of Psychology


Allan, A., Allan, M., & Kraszlan, K. (2001). Juvenile sex offenders in Western Australia: Offence history, treatment and recidivism. Joondalup, Australia: Edith Cowan University, School of Psychology.


The aim of this research project was to provide a general description of different groups of juvenile sex offenders in Western Australia (WA), and to describe their offence histories and re-offending. It also aimed to compare the juvenile sex offenders with all juvenile offenders in WA. The last aim was to identify variables, which could discriminate between juveniles who are convicted of later sex offences, and those who are not. The sample consisted of 334 juvenile sex offenders convicted in the WA Children’s Court (Court) from January 1990 until the end of June 1998. To achieve this, the research team obtained information from the Court and Police records as on 30 November 1998. The report also incorporates supplementary information provided by WA Psychological Services, Juvenile Justice (Psychological Services) who has been responsible for the treatment of juvenile sex offenders from the early 1990s. The supplementary information used in the report includes the Psychological Services file numbers of juveniles who were referred for assessment, the level of involvement with these juveniles (treated, referred for treatment, just assessed) and the dates on which the files were closed...