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Edith Cowan University


Olding, A., & Turner, P. (2005). My problem or our problem? Exploring the use of information sharing as a component of a holistic approach to e-security in response to the growth of ‘malicious targeted attacks’. In Proceedings of 3rd Australian Information Security Management Conference (pp. 74-79). Edith Cowan University. Available here.


There is now a growing recognition amongst e-security specialists that the e-security environment faced by organisations is changing rapidly. This environment now sees a situation where maliciously targeted attacks are conducted by ‘guns for hire’ (hackers) and/or criminal organisations (Illett 2005; Keiser 2005). As a consequence, conventional organisational approaches to e-security are becoming increasingly problematic and inadequate. There is a need to raise awareness of these issues amongst organisations and to contribute to the generation of effective integrated solutions that address this emerging e-security environment without sacrificing user privacy and/or breaching user trust. This paper considers the potential role of e-security information sharing between organisations as a key element in the development of the integrated responses advocated. By examining information sharing in other areas of business it is evident that there are mechanisms that can facilitate these behaviours and generate benefits for organisations. Despite this growing evidence however, there remains reluctance amongst most organisations to engage in e-security related information sharing (Gross 2005). In examining these issues this paper considers mechanisms for generating stronger evidence on the role and effectiveness of e-security information sharing and ways of overcoming organisational reluctance to implement them.