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Edith Cowan University


lin, Y. C., & Slay, J. (2005). Non-repudiation in pure mobile ad hoc network. In Proceedings of 3rd Australian Information Security Management Conference (pp. 59-66). Edith Cowan University. Available here.


Within the last decade, the use of wireless technologies has become more prevalent. Wireless networks have flexible architectures with data transferred via radio waves and can be divided into two categories; infrastructure-based wireless networks and mobile ad hoc network.

The mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is an autonomous system which can be dynamically built without pre-existing infrastructure or a trusted third party (TTP). Due to these infrastructure-less and self-organized characteristics, MANET encounters different problems from infrastructure-based wired network, such as key management, power shortage, and security issues. This paper will further divide MANETs into pure ad hoc networks which do not contain a TTP and organized ad hoc networks which contain an offline TTP, and then focus on the security issues especially the non-repudiation issue between two mobile nodes which communicate in pure ad hoc networks.