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Edith Cowan University


Fanciulli, R. (2005). An investigation into the paradox of organisational flexibility versus security: A research project overview. In Proceedings of 3rd Australian Information Security Management Conference (pp. 20-26). Edith Cowan University. Available here.


The trend towards utilising geographically and temporally dispersed personnel has grown quickly over the past decade; enabled by swift advances in computing, telecommunications, and networking technologies. The impact of these developments on corporate strategies and forms has manifested itself in a move to de-legitimise the rigid structure of a traditional bureaucracy and move towards one that is more flexible. These new technologies and organisational structures, however, also bring with them Information Security threats and risks. It is critical that managers become informed and equipped to deal with these issues. This paper presents an ongoing study designed to determine the major Information Security Management issues in implementing Distributed Work Groups, compared to those found in other organisational structures. It considers how best to manage these issues through the development of an ideal model, using a Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) approach.