Development of solar concentrator for photo-voltaic energy system

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Li, D. (2007). Development of solar concentrator for photo-voltaic energy system. In P.D. Bourkas, C.G. Karagiannopoulos [Eds]. Proceedings of the Sixth IASTED International Conference European Power and Energy Systems, June 26-28, 2006, Rhodes, Greece


In standard P-V systems, the world has held back widespread adoption of this technology for decades due to the high cost and low quantum efficiency of silicon cells. Most methods require the concentration of the sunlight in order to increase the efficiency of energy conversion, to generate electrical power from solar energy in a cost effective way. Most systems use parabolic mirrors to focus sunlight to either a line (trough systems) or a small volume (dishes). The high cost of the collection systems, is one of the reasons solar power still remains scarcely utilised.

Light focusing devices using reflection usually take the form of a curved mirror. In paradox, this paper describes the new design of a device consisting of an array of small angled reflecting mirror facets located in a planar form. The 3-D angle of each facet in the array is a function of its position in the array, and is calculated to be such that for a parallel beam striking the array, each facet will reflect the light in such a way as to form a focal point region.

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