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Kurongkurl Katitjin / Centre for Research in Entertainment, Arts,Technology, Education and Communications / Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet




Catto, M. , & Thomson, N. J. (2008). Review of illicit drug use among Indigenous peoples. Australian Indigenous Health Bulletin, 8(4), 32p. Available here


Drug misuse has significant impacts on families and communities and is a major concern for Australia. The misuse of licit drugs (such as alcohol and tobacco) continues to have the most significant negative impacts, but the use of illicit drugs is also a contributing factor in ill-health, injuries, violence and criminal behaviour, workplace problems and the disruption of family, community and the broader society. The greater level of substance misuse in the Indigenous population reflects the history of dispossession and oppression of Indigenous people; their entrenched social and economic marginalisation requires holistic and well-funded strategies to address the underlying social determinants of Indigenous ill-health.

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