Financial literacy and superannuation awareness of Indigenous Australians: Pilot study results

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Journal Article


Australian Council of Social Service


Faculty of Business and Law


School of Accounting, Finance and Economics




Gerrans, P., Clark-Murphy, M., & Truscott, K. (2009). Financial literacy and superannuation awareness of indigenous Australians: Pilot study results. Australian Journal of Social Issues, 44(4), 417. Available here


Financial literacy in the general Australian population and how to improve it is now firmly on the national agenda, partly as a result of compulsory superannuation. This paper reports the results of a pilot study which explored the financial literacy levels and superannuation knowledge of Indigenous Australians living in an urban environment. Previous studies have indicated that social disadvantage has a strong correlation with poor financial literacy but previous surveys of financial literacy in Australia have not reported specifically on the Indigenous population. Findings suggest that in some areas financial literacy is significantly weaker than that in the general population. Several of the areas of comparative weakness relate to an over belief in the role of government and the extent to which financial matters are regulated. There is also a high level of desire for financial education and information but a lower level of usage of potential sources of financial information. The findings suggest that a closing of the financial literacy gap is required. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]