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Green, L. R., Bloustien, G., & Balnaves, M. (2008). "We Are Next!": listening to Jewish voices in a multicultural country. M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture, 11(5). Available here


If the notion of being at home in one’s country is safe and reassuring, the homeland and the heartland of what we judge important, then the thought that a countryneeds its own homeland security is destined to create a sense of unease. Australia’s homeland security unit was set up in May 2003 (Riley), just weeks after theallies’ Coalition of the Willing had celebrated George W Bush’s declaration aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, of ‘Victory in Iraq’ (BBC). It might have been expected, inthis victorious glow, that the country would feel confidently able to return to a state of security. Apparently however – if paradoxically – it is only necessary to set upa department of Homeland Security when a country feels insecure. In a country of insecurity – and the dimensions of that insecurity were to be researched andteased out over the months and years to come – there are likely to be some people who feel more or less secure. What might the reasons be for people to feel fearfulin their own country?

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