Do You Want Paper With That? Examining How Education Students At Edith Cowan University Use Electronically Delivered Learning Resources

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Faculty of Education and Arts


School of Education / Centre for Schooling and Learning Technologies




Pagram, J., Cooper, M., & Campbell, A. (2008). Do You Want Paper with that? Examining How Education Students at Edith Cowan University Use Electronically Delivered Learning Resources. Australian Computers in Education Conference 2008: ACT on IcT.


Most universities are embracing Computer Managed Learning (CML) systems such as WebCT and Blackboard as their preferred mode of distance education and, in many cases, their preferred mode of distributing course materials to on campus students. Thus, paperless modes of document and content delivery are becoming the norm. These ‘paperless modes’ can include a large number of formats from Microsoft Word documents to podcasts to video lectures. The authors wondered how students made use of these materials. Are these materials being used in the ways that the providers imagined and are they the resources that the students wish to use?

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