Protean careers and the performing arts: Antecedents for intrinsic motivation [conference contribution]

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Conference Proceeding


Faculty of Regional Professional Studies


School of Regional Professional Studies / Centre for Sustainable Regional Futures




Fernandes, S. (2008). Protean careers and the performing arts: Antecedents for intrinsic motivation. In Sustainable management and marketing: Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference. Melbourne, Australia.


It is generally accepted that professional performing artists are motivated intrinsically, through the inherent challenge and/or enjoyment associated with performing, rather than by external rewards. This study examines the degree to which intrinsic motivation can be enhanced by factors such as affective organisational commitment, identification with organisation, identification with colleagues and job satisfaction. Specifically targeted are artists who choose a ‘protean’ career, accepting a series of short-term engagements rather than seeking a lengthy career in a single organisation. Findings indicate that job satisfaction, identification with organisation and identification with colleagues act as antecedents for intrinsic motivation among these individuals. Affective organisational commitment, on the other hand, showed no such relationship.

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