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Faculty of Business and Law


School of Accounting, Finance and Economics / Centre for Innovative Practice




Giles, M. J. (2011). A Participatory Teaching Strategy: Developing a Timeline of the Global Financial Crisis. Australasian Journal of Economics Education, 8(1), 1-16. Available here


The rapid pace of change of ideas and events in economics places pressure on teachers of university economics to stay abreast of developments in their field and to reflect these developments appropriately in their classes. The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) was an excellent example of this phenomenon with a great deal of material written on this subject over a relatively short space of time. Under certain circumstances, one way of coping with such developments may be for teachers and students to acquire emerging knowledge and information jointly rather than sequentially. This paper describes a teaching strategy where students constructed a timeline of GFC-related events and contributed knowledge in the classroom context themselves rather than relying solely on the teacher to transmit this knowledge. The paper outlines the nature of the strategy and provides a qualitative evaluation indicating that it contributed to the enhancement of student learning.

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