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Western Australian Institute for Educational Research Inc


Clare McBeath


Faculty of Education and Arts


School of Education / Edith Cowan Institute for Education Research




Heyworth, J. N. (2011). Jumping through 'loops': A reflective study on preparing generalist pre-service teachers to teach music. Issues in Educational Research, 21(1), 42 - 64. Available here


Generalist classroom teachers are being given more responsibility for music education in their schools. How confident and competent are they to do this? I find myself in a position where I am expected to train pre-service generalist teachers to be able to facilitate music in their future classrooms within one unit of music study over a four year general bachelor of education course. This paper is a self study on how I reflect on and describe the methods and the tools that I have used to try to both encourage and empower pre-service teachers to facilitate musical activities in their classrooms. I have structured this study in way that I hope to be engaging, informative and accessible to the general educator as well as to the specialist (Sword, 2009). I begin with my planning and delivery of content and follow with an example of tutorial presentations. Here I explain how the pedagogical content moves from acoustic to digital music using the concept of loops (repeated passages of sounds) as scaffolding for musical participation and expression. Finally, I conclude with future directions for my journey in the role of music education in generalist pre-service teaching.

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