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Conference Proceeding


Edith Cowan University


Office of Research and Innovation


Poster presented at the Australasian Research Management Society Conference 2012, 19-21 September 2012, Gold Coast.


There is an increasing interest within all areas of research to collaborate, with networks and partnerships being used to develop research ideas and enhance research outcomes. A Collaboration Research Network (CRN) is one such method that can enhance a research system. Correspondingly Edith Cowan University (ECU) has established CRN activities in four areas of national importance; health, education, ICT and environment with a view to enhancing the University’s research output. However, CRN dynamics and mechanisms are complex and having a CRN per se does not guarantee enhanced research outcomes. This study will use both quantitative and qualitative methods to investigate the complex relationships between the partner universities within the ECU CRN project. This information will be used to evaluate the viability of a University wide strategy of collaborative working to enhance research outcomes.

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