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This is an Author's Accepted Manuscript of: Fanning, S. (2011). Seminal exchanges: Exchanges that change our life. Paper presented at the 2011 Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (ANZMAC), Perth Exhibtion Centre, Perth, Western Australia. Available here


The purpose of this paper is to revisit and advance a classic marketing concept; Copeland‟s (1923) classification of convenience, specialty and shopping exchanges. In doing so, product involvement, the three time zones of the buyer decision process and the three estimation, assessment and evaluation qualities, are also discussed. The findings are the result of a larger interpretive, qualitative study that explored a number of classic marketing concepts through the consumption experiences of a group of immigrant consumers. In this paper a new classification – seminal exchanges is proposed. Seminal exchanges have distinguishing features (1) they are high in total involvement; that means high in situational, response and enduring involvement (2) they place a marker in a person‟s life; a life before an exchange and a life after an exchange, and (3) they influence future consumption activities to a greater degree than convenience, shopping or specialty products.

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