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Poster presented at the eResearch Australasia Conference 2012, 28 October - 2 November 2012, Sydney. Poster available here


To ensure maximum benefit is achieved from the investigations in a collaborative research network, it is essential that research data is managed effectively. However, there is no set model to follow. Normally an institution will establish its own policy and procedures applicable to their researchers and data. This causes difficulties for researchers sharing data across a collaborative network. Edith Cowan University (ECU) is one of fifteen Australian universities striving to create world-class research capacity and capability through investment in the Collaborative Research Network (CRN) project. The CRN project at ECU aims to accelerate the growth of research activity from 2011 until the end of 2014, in four key areas: Health, Education, ICT, and Environment. These areas align with both the Australian Government’s National Research Priorities and ECU’s strategic research plan. The CRN project will create a significant amount of new data and it is imperative that this data is managed so that it is secure, accessible and useable. Consequently, research data management policies, procedures and technical solutions are being developed to support this process.

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